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2 minutes
1 Cup
2 minutes
1 Cup

How To Make Brown Sugar

Course – Baking
Cuisine – Global
Keyword – Brown Sugar
Time to make – 2 minutes
Serving – 1 Cup
Skill level – Easy
Author – Bobby Hicks

To me, one of the single easiest ways to make an absolute 10/10 is to incorporate Brown Sugar.
Whether you’re baking cookies, braising some pork shoulder or making chili, Brown Sugar is the secret ingredient!
There is something so magical about this simple add-on and how much depth it gives almost any dish, but what happens when you went crazy baking cookies and used the last of your batch? Do you pop off to the store to pick up another bag? What if you’re in a country that doesn’t commonly sell Brown Sugar? I’ve got you covered, friends – all you need are two ingredients! White Sugar + Molasses = Brown Sugar. It’s almost too simple, so let’s get into some details and show you not only how to make it, but also some favorite uses!

What is Brown Sugar?

  • Brown Sugar is essentially a combination of White Granulated Sugar and some Molasses combined together!

What is the difference between Light Brown Sugar and Dark Brown Sugar?

  • Light Brown Sugar is the same as Dark Brown Sugar, but the ratio of Granulated Sugar and Molasses are different.

How do I store my Brown Sugar?

  • I find using some simple Zip Lock bags are so helpful, but I personally try to use less plastic waste, so I keep mine in airtight containers. Some classic cookbooks often mention adding a single slice of white bread helps to keep the sugar from drying out, too!


1C White Granulated Sugar
1T of Molasses (for Light Brown Sugar)
2T of Molasses (for Dark Brown Sugar)


Simply combine the white granulated sugar in a large mixing bowl with the molasses and use a whisk to combine the ingredients together.
If you need to you can rub the molasses into the sugar with your hands to really incorporate it. If you are looking for a Darker Brown Sugar, simply double the original amount of Molasses you were using before and follow the same steps!
This will not only taste just like the store-bought stuff, but will save you so much time, when you’re in a pinch!


  • Brown Sugar is one of the most important ingredients when I make chili! It gives a tiny sweetness but also a real depth that works well with the heat!
  • Next time you make cookies, try subbing out the white sugar for brown, or try a split of white sugar and Brown Sugar for more complexity in flavor.
  • If your Brown Sugar ends up drying up, stick it in a microwave safe dish and warm gently for 10-15 second turns until it’s soft again.
  • Brown Sugar is great with baked goods, but try sprinkling a little on some pork before roasting or braising it for a wonderful caramel flavor!

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